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The Language of Dreams: Birds, Insects & Flying Creatures


Relating to Your Dreams: Birds, Insects & Flying Creatures: Part 1 of this 2 part lecture by Dr. Deborah Wesley, Jungian Analyst, contains dozens of images of birds and flying creatures, ranging from prehistoric cave scratchings to modern sculpture. These tapes help the viewer understand the bird and other flying creatures that appear in dreams.

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Dreams… Messages from the unconscious expressed in its own language. The language of the unconscious is symbolic, metaphoric, poetic imaginal, engaging, transforming, healing. This series of programs shares with viewers methods of relating to their dreams. It emphasizes the Jungian concept of active imagination in translating The Language of Dreams.

Birds, Insects & Flying Creatures: A Sensitive and expansive lecture on the archetypal meanings of birds, insects and other flying creatures. Using beautiful imagery to illustrate stories, myths and dreams, this program demonstrates the significance of these flying denizens in our night journey.

Previously published as The Language of Dreams #07: Birds and Flying Creatures

Also available for video streaming.