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The Dream and Its Amplification [The Fisher King Review Volume 2]


The Dream and Its Amplification unveils the language of the psyche that speaks to us in our dreams.

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The Dream and Its Amplification unveils the language of the psyche that speaks to us in our dreams.

We all dream at least 4-6 times each night yet remember very few. Those that rise to the surface of our conscious awareness beckon to be understood, like a letter addressed to us that arrives by post.

Why would we not open it? The difficulty is in understanding what the dream symbols and images mean. Through amplification, C. G. Jung formulated a method of unveiling the deeper meaning of symbolic images. This becomes particularly important when the image does not carry a personal meaning or significance and is not part of a person’s everyday life.

Fourteen Jungian Analysts from around the world have contributed chapters to this book on areas of special interest to them in their work with dreams. This offers the seasoned dream worker as well as the novice great insight into the meaning of the dream and its amplification.

Contributors to this edition of the Fisher King Review include: Erel Shalit, Nancy Swift Furlotti, Thomas Singer, Michael Conforti, Ken Kimmel, Gotthilf Isler, Nancy Qualls-Corbett, Henry Abramovitch, Kathryn Madden, Ron Schenk, Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Christian Gaillard, Monika Wikman, and Gilda Frantz.

Publisher:Fisher King Press
Edition:1st Edition
About the Author:Erel Shalit, PhD, is a Jungian psychoanalyst in Tel Aviv. He is a training and supervising analyst and past president of the Israel Society of Analytical Psychology. He is founder and past director of the Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy Program at Bar Ilan University and past director of the Shamai Davidson Community Mental Health Clinic. He is the author of several books, including The Cycle of Life: Themes and Tales of the Journey, Requiem: A Tale of Exile and Return, Enemy, Cripple, and Beggar, The Complex: Paths of Transformation from Archetype to Ego, and co-edited, with Nancy Furlotti, The Dream and its Amplification. He has edited and introduced Jacob and Esau: On the Collective Symbolism of the Brother Motif by Erich Neumann, and with Murray Stein he has edited Turbulent Times, Creative Minds: Erich Neumann and C.G. Jung in Relationship, and contributed chapters in a number of books. Nancy Swift Furlotti, Ph.D. is a Jungian Analyst in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. She is a past President of the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, founding member and co-president of the Philemon Foundation, long-term ARAS board member, founding member of the Kairos Film Foundation and on the board of Pacifica Graduate Institute. Dr. Furlotti is co-chair of the C. G. Jung Endowment at the Semel Institute at UCLA where she includes the Jungian perspective through dialogue. She also serves on the board of FARES, Foundation for Anthropological Research and Environmental Studies, in Guatemala where she has a longstanding interest in Maya mythology and culture. She lectures in the US and internationally, has written numerous articles. Besides having co-edited The Dream and its Amplification with Erel Shalit, she has contributed chapters in a number of books, such as Turbulent Times, Creative Minds, Psyche and the City, A clear and present danger: Narcissism in the era of Donald Trump. She recently founded Recollections, LLC to edit and publish first generation Jungian material.
Product Dimensions:7.5 x 0.5 x 9.2 inches
Editor:Nancy Swift Furlotti, Erel Shalit
Publication Date:June 15, 2013