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Creating a Life Worth Living

By: Carol Lloyd


The pursuit of one’s dreams is one of the great joys in life but also one of the most terrifying. Creating a Life Worth Living is an invaluable road map for this journey, guiding readers as they take the first tentative steps that are necessary before they can fly.

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Creating a Life Worth Living is a practical, inspiring, and irreverent crash course in career survival. In her twelve-week program, Carol Lloyd guides you through the process of birthing your vision and then helps you rigorously invent the means to support your long-term dreams. Each chapter provides a week’s worth of concrete tasks–writing exercises, artistic assignments, experiments with new habits, thought games, and more–to help you generate and flesh out ideas; develop strong, healthy work habits; and map a path to your creative life.

More than just an inspirational shot in the arm, Creating a Life Worth Living gives you the tools to build a private laboratory in which to reinvent your life. Not just for professional artists and die-hard innovators, this book is for anyone who wants to harness creative energy to create a unique career path.

Publisher:William Morrow
About the Author:Carol Lloyd, a writer, performer, and entrepreneur, is the founder of The Writing Parlor, a San Francisco literary arts center. For the past seven years, she has led Life Worth Living workshops, helping hundreds attain their creative dreams. Her essay and short fiction have appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times Magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Focus, and Salon magazine, where she is a regular contributor.
Product Dimensions:6.12 x 9.25 x 0.84 inches
Publication Date:1997