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C.G. Jung: His Myth in Our Time

By: Marie-Louise von Franz


This insightful biography of Jung by his close associate is not only the most authoritative account of his seminal ideas, it is also a history of the growth and development of this unique person’s creative powers.

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There are few individuals in this century whose work has had such wide-ranging, long-lasting effects as that of C.G. Jung. His ideas have profoundly influenced such varied disciplines as art, anthropology, atomic physics, philosophy, theology and parapsychology, as well as the fields of psychology and psychotherapy.

Jung was the first modern scientist to take seriously the reality of the unconscious and to dialogue with it throughout his life. He paid scrupulous attention to his dreams and to what they had to say concerning his personal development and the collective events of his day.

Von Franz traces the evolution of Jung’s basic concepts–complexes, archetypes and the collective unconscious, psychological types, the creative instinct, active imagination, individuation and much more–from their origins to their empirical documentation in his numerous books, papers and recorded lectures.

Publisher:Inner City Books
About the Author:Marie-Louise von Franz, Ph.D., worked closely with Jung from 1934 until his death in 1961. She is the author of many books on Jungian psychology.
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.8 x 8.8 inches
Translator:William H. Kennedy
Publication Date:1975