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Anaxagoras and Universal Mind
The Birth of Philosophy in Classical Greece

By: Richard Geldard


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Anaxagoras was the first western philosopher, coming to Athens as a young man in the beginning of the Classical period, he taught the great Pericles, the sculptor Phideas, the tragic poet Euripides and through his student Archelaus, inspired Socrates.

He was known in Athens as Novus, or Mind, and in his book On Nature he proposed the existence of Universal Mind, and was one of the first in western philosophy to do so.

Dr. Richard Geldard has written this third book in a trilogy devoted to the Pre-Socratics. His previous titles are Remembering Heraclitus, and Parmenides and the Way of Truth. This final book describes how the Pre-Socratics rejected the Olympian system and ventured for the first time into philosophy. The book also explore ho the great physicists of the Twentieth Century found in the ancient philosophers a way to express the meaning of the new reality they uncovered.

Publisher: RWEI Books
About the Author: Richard Geldard earned his PhD at Stanford University in Dramatic Literature and Classics. He taught Philosophy at Yeshiva University and has authored five books on the philosophy of Ralph Wald Emerson.
Publication Date:2007