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1000 Symbols: What shapes mean in art and myth

By: Rowena and Rupert Shepherd


1000 Symbols traces and reveals the historical and cross-cultural significance of 1000 commonly recognized symbols.

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Symbols are an international language, but that language is far from universal. Different symbols mean radically different things in different contexts – a cross, a crane and a swastika each have a distinct meaning for a Buddhist, an art historian or a student of the occult. 1000 Symbols offers a comprehensive dictionary of symbols, placing each one in its historical and cultural context.


  • A comprehensive single-volume dictionary of symbols
  • More than 1000 original symbol illustrations
  • Relates the history of each symbol and defines its cross-cultural meanings
  • Comprehensively cross-referenced
Publisher:Chartwell Books
About the Author:Rowena Shepherd is an art historian employed as a curator for English heritage. She is a student of the Western Mystery Tradition and has written on the Tarot. She has a wide-ranging interest in knowledge of Native American, Norse, Jewish, and African Symbolism. Rupert Shepherd is a writer specializing in art history. A graduate of the Courtauld Institute, he has written a book on Renaissance Art.
Publication Date:April 5, 2018